Mark Naidorf

PO Box 10475

Holyoke MA 01040 (413)536-8888


Goal oriented, self motivated, resourceful leader, with two Masters Degrees, Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Science in Information Systems. Proven experience in business, government, and education. Unique capabilities include creativity, analytical skills, diverse experience with a consistent record of increased performance. Exceptional abilities in new business development, personal computer training, and overseeing budgets both public and private.

Educational Background

babson ship logo2Masters in Business Administration,
Babson College , Wellesley Massachusetts


wnec logo 2Masters of Science in Information Systems,

Western New England College, Springfield , Massachusetts

NU SealBachelor of Science in Business Administration,
Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts


GJCAssociates of Science in Business Administration,
Grahm Jr. College, Boston, Massachusetts

Educational Experience

WSU_Seal_smallWestfield State College 1985-Present

Assistant Professor in the Business and Economics Department.

Teaching at Westfield State College from 1985 to present


Courses Taught:

MGMT 0101 Introduction to Business


MGMT 0104 Accounting I


MGMT 0107 Software Applications


MGMT 0220 Prod/Operations Management


MGMT 0221 Business Management


MGMT 0231 Marketing Management


MGMT 0306 Distribution Management


MGMT 0307 Marketing Research Techniques


MGMT 0308 Organizational Development & Behavior.


MGMT 0309 Sales &Sales Management


MGMT 0321 Management Information Systems


MGMT 0325 Business Policy &Strategy



Created and implemented a successful and profitable new course  “Real Estate for Profit” for WSC DGCE.


Attended an Adobe seminar on the use of Adobe Illustrator, Streamline and PageMaker.


Attended a Wordperfect seminar on the benefits and use of Wordperfect.


Used and evaluated new software that permits assessment of student knowledge before taking class and then after class. September 2004 – 2005.


Attended Prentice Hall seminar on the use of e-portfolio’s


Attended Microsoft Seminar in fall 2002 on Windows XP


Attended McGraw Hill Seminar in October 2002 on Office XP


Attended two seminars on Office XP sponsored by Microsoft


Attended Course Technology seminar on SAM Student Assessment Manager for Microsoft  Office 2003


Designed and wrote and computerized access database program for the mail room and copy center at Westfield State College. This program simplifies and automates the monthly process of billing or charging back each department on campus for the supplies and other costs involved with the copies each department generates. A monthly chargeback forms for each department is created along with summary reports to help improve the management and cost controls in the copy center.


Regularly teach Introduction to Microsoft’s Database “Access” to faculty and staff of Westfield State College.


Regularly teach an advanced class in Microsoft’s Database “Access” to faculty and staff of Westfield State College.


Regularly teach Microsoft’s Office “Mail Merge” using Word, Excel, and Access to faculty and staff of Westfield State College.


Designed and wrote and computerized Access database program for DGCE to connect Banner records to an Access Database that every semester updates the DGCE teachers contracts, prepares many of the DGCE reporting requirements to the Administration saving days of data collection, preparation and printing reports.


Attended Prentice Hall seminar on the use of Windows Vista Operating System and Office 2007


Attended Prentice Hall seminar on Migrating to Office 2007


Attended Course Technology Conference 2008.


Attended Course Technology Conference 2009


Attended Course Technology Conference 2010


Worked with course Technology in the design of SAM 2010’s operation.


Professional Experience

Cherry Realty    1979-Present

Purchase, Rehabilitate, and Manage Multi-Family Housing. Manage Approximately 1.08 Million Dollars in Real Estate since 1979. As President I oversee all operations.  Properties are both residential and commercial. I advertise evaluate and screen and place tenants, Collect rents and manage repairs and maintenance. Arrange financing and financial structures.

Cherry Computers    1990-1991

Cherry Computers Inc. In partnership, started a retail personal computer hardware company. Start-up to one half million dollars in sales growth in two years.



G. E. Stimpson Co. Inc. 1980 to1981

Attempted to Re-Organize the Office Products Industry in New England. I joined a group of entrepreneurs as Sales Manager of Franchise Sales, We tried to combine a majority of the retailers in New England through a cooperative purchasing and franchising agreement. Growth from 5 million to 11 million from 1974 to 1979. They had developed one of the first computer systems to handle inventory of the tremendous variety of office products. I had signed agreements for 25 million in potential sales in the year 1980. The combination of, the Banks reluctance to finance the growth, the second gas crises, and the speed of the growth, ultimately drove Stimpson into bankruptcy. If it worked there might not be Staples.

Pitney Bowes Inc. , Stamford CT.  1975-1980

Sales of the full line of office equipment. Specialty in small business computerized automated mailing systems equipment. Acquired membership in Boston branch sales leadership club. Increased sales volume by 111% in 2 years. Became number one in systems equipment. Given responsibility for forecasting and training. Achieved membership in branch sales leadership club.

ncr logo

NCR Corporation Dayton MI. 1974
Sales of full line of commercial computers.
Worked as a hardware salesman, Sold full line to commercial and industrial applications.


Monroe Division. Montville NJ.  1972-1973
Sales of full line of calculators and office billing systems. Sales position: turned lowest producing territory to top area in 1.5 years. Became number one producer in 12 months. Given responsibility for evaluating trainees and making preliminary hiring decisions. Introduced new products and led training sessions on systems equipment.

holyoke  logo

Holyoke Water Works Elected Commissioner 1991 with purpose of restoring proper operations to the department. Presently Vice Chairman. Maintained zero growth budget for 20 years with five major improvement programs completed. Renegotiate Civil Service contracts with the union. Replaced mainframe computer system with a PC based system. Restored confidence in the department, received approval of nineteen million dollar bond and have overseen the expenditure for improvements.


Interests - personal

Vintage Triumph Register Founder of the New England Triumphs chapter of the VTR. restore and rebuild vintage Triumphs. Former factory trained mechanic.






Contact Information


P.O. Box 10475

Holyoke, Massachusetts 01041-2075

(413) 536-8888


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