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  1. Download the payroll file located on my website.  Save then open the worksheet on payroll.
  2. Create one formula as described below for each column, Then copy the formula for this weeks payroll into cells below.
  3. Total hours: sum of hrs worked each day including weekends.
  4. Overtime hours:  IF the total hrs worked is over 40 hrs. show the excess number of hours  if no overtime show a  Zero
  5. Pay rates: given
  6. Regular pay:  is the pay rate * the number of hours worked. Up to a Maximum of 40 hours
  7. Overtime pay: is the number of overtime hours worked * time and one half * the regular pay rate
  8. Gross pay : the sum of regular pay and the overtime pay
  9. Previous gross pay:  given
  10. Year to date gross pay : year to date gross pay is the sum of previous gross plus gross pay.
  11. Fed tax: is this weeks gross pay times 20%
  12. Union dues: you will always pay 1% of the current weeks gross pay.  Plus, after the first $30,000 in annual you will pay an additional $10.00 dollars per week.
  13. Fica taxes: 10% of this weeks gross pay on just the first $32,000 earned. After you pay taxes on $32,000, there is no more taxes taken out of your pay.
  14. Total deductions : is the sum the deductions
  15. Net pay: is the balance of net pay after deductions
  16. Check number should start with 101 use labels or text to auto create check numbers