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Business Essentials, 4/E
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Ronald J. Ebert, University of Misouri - Columbia
Ricky W. Griffin, Texas A&M University

ISBN: 0-13-067544-X
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2003
Format: Paper; 481 pp
Published: 02/19/2002,4096,013067544X-FEA,00.html




MGMT 101 introduces the fundamentals of business as they apply in organizations. The course will take a broad view of the various fundementals of enterprises. Special emphasis will be given to the vocabulary and core concepts. The course will look at current issues of management as applied in a dynamic environment of workforce diversity, a global economy, and concern for ethics and social responsibility. 

The course involves both an in-depth examination of management concepts and an exploration of their practical applications through a variety of optional projects

Participants should find the experience helpful in understanding the benifits of studying business. preparing them to work effectively as managers and as members of work groups or teams managed by others. This course is a useful point of departure for continued life-long learning about management and behavior in organizations. 




Attendance Attendance at all lectures is expected. Students who miss more than 3 meetings can expect a reduction in their grade.  Excessive absences will detract from your ability to achieve a high grade in this course

 Examinations All examinations are required. Examinations will be taken in the Wilson computer lab W129 only. Students are expected to arrange their schedule to meet the requirements of the tests.



Exams: 3 or 4 exams worth 60% of grade

Attendance and Participation 20%

Paper (s) 20%

Revisions will be announced